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About Us


Kinetic Kings journey began in 2020. When a humble mission to craft accessible, premium streetwear became something more.

Our pieces are inspired by the nostalgic factor of the 90s and our love for colors. Each successive collection has been crafted with this vision in mind; a continued celebration of the idea that not everything is black and white, and sometimes we need a pop of color in our life.

Why Make in Los Angeles?

We decided to manufacture our products locally in Los Angeles to ensure the highest quality of goods, ethical standards and fair treatment of workers. Los Angeles is also the fashion capital of the West Coast, renowned for it's vibrant mix of art, design, fashion and food - making it the perfect hub for Kinetic Kings.

We also want to be a part of putting the brakes on fast fashion, returning to high quality garments made with the utmost care, that aren’t going to be thrown out like a cheap T-shirt or a plastic spork.