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Behind the Capsule

Notes from Designer

A Tribute to the Champion

The “Stars with a Pop of Color” capsule was conceptualized as a tribute to the world of sports and the champion that resides within us all.

The solid color base of the shorts symbolizes the unwavering focus and determination required to reach the pinnacle of success, while the five stars on each side represent the highest level of achievement. The single stripe with a pop of color represents the individual flair and spirit that each champion brings to the game, adding a unique, personal touch to the collective effort.

The “Stars with a Pop of Color” capsule aims to inspire wearers to embrace their own inner champion, to push themselves further, and to always strive for greatness. Through this capsule, we aim to encourage our customers to pursue their own dreams with the same dedication and perseverance that drive the world’s greatest champions.

-Ted Kim (designer)